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BGIS provides solutions that optimize every aspect of facility and asset operations, including Project Delivery Solutions through projects ranging from real estate facilities to highly sophisticated plants.

We work with Canada’s leaders in industries such as telecommunications and real estate in both the public and private sectors. Satisfied customers include Bell Canada and Standard Life.

We are always on the lookout for those individuals and companies that may not be the biggest players, but maintain a constant focus on high-quality delivery of goods and services. Our goal is to build and sustain a strong team of suppliers who will support mutual growth, leadership, and success.

BGIS is committed to fair competition in the marketplace and to offering suppliers the ability to work with a market leader.

In 2009, BGIS delivered more than 10,000 projects worth over $600 million.  The projects range from small to medium improvement or repair work such as base building capital improvements, elevator repairs and HVAC system upgrades to major refits of base building systems and tenant spaces.


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You wish to do business with us to service our market leading clients? Start by clicking on the Register link and get started!

Once you are registered, you will be asked to complete a qualification questionnaire to provide BGIS with a profile of your company, from your competencies to the regions where you wish to work. You will need to provide different documents to support your application, such as proof of insurance and WSIB certificates, and sign a term contract valid for 2 years.

Simple instructions will guide you through the qualification process and lead you to the opportunities available with BGIS.


Many of our suppliers work with BGIS Facility Management Services and Project Delivery Solutions. As these services have different governance and procurement requirements, the compliance and contract award processes are managed independently from one another. 

Suppliers wishing to provide services for both Facility Management Services and Project Delivery Solutions (PDS) must register their companies with both groups, following their respective processes:

Facility Management Services
For suppliers wishing to perform on-site services for BGIS in the Facility Management Services line of business, they will be required to register and purchase an annual membership with ComplyWorks.

For more information in regards to qualifications with ComplyWorks, suppliers can contact:

Project Delivery Solutions
For suppliers wishing to participate in the bid process and complete work for the Project Delivery Solutions line of business, they will need to register and pay the annual registration fee through this new MERX portal.

Brenda Binette, Project Coordinator/MERX Administrator, will still be available to provide assistance or support and can be reached at 450-521-1758 or Brenda.binette@bgis.com 



Facility Management can be defined as the day to day operations related to the maintenance of facilities, without changing the form or function of the building.

Project Delivery can be defined as a range of large and small construction projects; whether a new construction, building expansion / additions, renovations, base building renewal, repairs and capital, tenant improvements, etc. The projects are of limited duration and the contracts are awarded to qualified vendors through a bid process (upon invitation or public) based on Instructions to Bidders for Consultants or Contractors and including a specific project scope.